Associazione Ascanio Mayone • The Ascanio Mayone Society

Associazione Ascanio Mayone is a nonprofit network organization created in order to promote the works and music by Ascanio Mayone. The network is a result of a common interest by the founding members with a genuine wish to spread the knowledge of this distinct but much underrated composer.

Associazione Ascanio Mayone functions as an open network and platform for musicians, musicologists and other researchers, who wants to support or create activities that lies within the society's agenda.

Associazione Ascanio Mayone’s goals are:
• to initiate and support performances of Mayone's music
• to research in music by Mayone and related subjects
• to arrange conferences on Mayone and the napolitan musical culture around 1600
• to publish modern and facsimile editions of Mayone's works
• to support and initiate recordings of Mayone's music

Associazione Ascanio Mayone was founded on internet, May 1st, 2009 by the founding members:
• Mara Galassi, harpist, educator, musical director, researcher, Milano
• Christopher Stembridge - harpsichordist, organist, musicologist, editor, Innsbruck
• Jean-Marc Aymes - harpsichordist, musical director, Marseille
• Dinko Fabris - musicologist, writer, musician, Bari
• Björn Ross - artist, organizer, manager, promoter, Copenhagen

Associazione Ascanio Mayone is a dynamic, network based organisation and has no physical office to visit. The society can be contacted by email to the administrator at: